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Post  Ciel on Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:51 pm

If applying to be one of our editors please do the basics of editing....and if you don't know the basics i suggest you look up a editing guide ^^;.
What do I do in editing?
You basically take a japanese page level, straighten, crop, level, resize, clone, clean, and save the page in a proper format...but that's only the cleaning department. You then typeset the translations given to you onto those pages with centered text. If you don't know these basics here are a couple of guides to help... click here and click here again.
How long do we have to edit the chapters???
You typically have 1-2 weeks to edit a chapter given to you but if you only have cleaning then you should be able to do half the time-limit you'd have with both cleaning + typesetting.
Is there a test to apply?
Why yes, yes there is. Just email myself at: NevermoreScans@gmail.com.
As soon as I get this email a test will be sent to you.


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